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Build Your Digital Marketing Retreat

Whether your business is seeing no traction on your digital marketing efforts or you have no idea what you should be doing, our Build Your Digital Marketing Plan Retreat will answer your questions, as well as develop a strategy and execution plan. With the ever changing landscape of digital marketing, it’s sometimes hard to stay on top of things. That’s why we created this retreat. We’re here to work with you on building your strategy. 

Who Will Benefit The Most?

  • Small Businesses looking to develop a strong strategy and marketing foundation
  • Entrepreneurs who want to develop a strategy for branding, infrastructure, content & community.
  • Marketing professionals who want fresh marketing, content, search and social strategy.
  • Nonprofits looking to develop a digital marketing strategy around their organization and fundraising

What You’ll Experience

  • Breakfast & Lunch for both days
  • Coffee and refreshments all day both days
  • FREE Wifi (bring your laptops)
  • Charging Stations for devices
  • A productivity-focused environment
  • Technical & Marketing support
  • 16 hours of masterminding and training with Alfonso to build your custom Social Media Plan. 

What You’ll Learn 

  • Latest Social Media Demographics & Stats
  • Social Media Best Practices & Strategy
  • Attracting the right audience
  • Content Creation, Communication and Editorial Planning
  • Creating content that matters
  • Video and Your Business
  • Insights & Analytics: data that matters.

When you leave the Retreat, you’ll have

  • A clear vision for your business’ Social Media
  • Social Media Strategy for the business
  • Content Development & Execution Plan
  • The Best Social Media Management Strategies & Tools To Use
  • Tools to maintain a constant peace of mind for your social media while gaining a larger piece of market for your business
  • A comprehensive social media marketing plan for 2019
  • Digital marketing secrets and the latest tools to implement your digital strategy with ease. 
  • A one hour 1-on-1 prelude session prior to the retreat with Alfonso. 
  • A one hour 1-on-1 mentoring and support follow up session with Alfonso. (must be scheduled within a month of the retreat.
  • A western MA social media demographics report ($50 value)
  • Overview of your competitors social media
  • Confidence to rock your Social Media presence in 2019!

Learn more about how we can help build your new plan.