Facebook Video Monetization And Promotion Tools | Digital Scoop 023

Facebook has released a new set of monetization options and best practices for video creators as it seeks to build interest in its Watch platform.


The new monetization options include:

  1. Pre-Roll Ads
  2. Preview Trailer
  3. Ad Auto Break Insertions
  4. Pre-Publish Brand Safety Check

Facebook Tests Out New Video Format called Facebook Premieres | Digital Scoop 022

Facebook Premieres

Facebook is testing a new video format called Facebook Premieres that will let video creators, publishers and shows post prerecorded video as live footage. Facebook says its new video format is currently being tested among a group with a wider rollout happening soon.

The prerecorded videos will play similar to a livestream, allowing viewers the chance to interact with the video as it is broadcast on the site. Comments, reactions and interactions with the prerecorded Premieres video will happen in real time, as with Facebook’s Live videos.

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LinkedIn Adds New GIF Feature In Messaging | Digital Scoop 021

LinkedIn Adds New GIF Access Within its On-Platform Messaging

LinkedIn on a bender to tap into the trends of other social networks, even if those trends don’t necessarily seem like a perfect fit for the professional platform.

LinkedIn’s latest trending option is the addition of an immediately accessible GIF library within their message flow, powered by Tenor, a gif sharing platform, via a new partnership.

The functionality is pretty much the same as adding GIFs on Facebook. You will be able to tap the GIF icon on the toolbar and search for a gif to add to your chat.

Facebook Removing Powerful Ad Targeting Options | Digital Scoop 018

Facebook is removing powerful ad targeting options from third parties called Partner Categories. Here are three advertising tips you can use.

Instagram Algorithm Update | Digital Scoop 017

Instagram updates it’s newsfeed to be chronological… kind of.