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How Your Business Can Use Clubhouse

Clubhouse marketing

Launched in March 2020, Clubhouse allows users to launch or drop in on “Rooms”, audio-only chat rooms with friends, followers, or the general public. Initially, Clubhouse was created and marketed to top-tier influencers, celebrities, Silicon Valley investors, and industry thought leaders. At the end of 2020, they opened the platform to more general audiences. Users can join and converse in Rooms related to their interests, hobbies, causes, or industries.

Clubhouse can help brands build trust and community. Brands that use Clubhouse could earn credibility by discussing topics they’re experts on. But, they could also earn trust because they’ve made themselves available to listen and talk candidly with their audiences. Here are some tips to get your business started on the emerging platform.

Optimize Your Clubhouse Bio

Your Clubhouse bio is where you can tell everyone what you want to be known for. What you include in your bio will determine how people find you via searches in the member directory or the club directory, and the type of followers you attract.

Collaborate With Others

A great way to get started with the platform is partnering with others. When your partners come on stage, their followers get a notification and are likely to jump into the room and follow you as well. It’s a great way to grow your following on the platform.

Set Up Mini-Events

On Clubhouse, you can host mini-events with experts or professionals in your industry. With a moderator in place, you can invite multiple people to speak based on what the event is about. It’s a great opportunity to engage others to speak, share the event to their followers, and build the audience to your mini-event. Make these events work by promoting them on other social media channels and just like any event, give your audience an outline of how the event will go, who will be speaking, and what they can expect.

Treat Clubhouse as Your Podcast

Have you been wanting to get into podcasting, but not sure how? You can host Rooms with one or two speakers highlighting specific themes, trends, or industry news just like a podcast episode. It’s a great opportunity to have some live engagement during your podcasting, allowing users to ask questions and participate in the podcast as it happens.

Get Feedback

You can use Clubhouse to get valuable feedback on your business or products. If you’re considering launching a new product or service, you can pitch it to a Room with colleagues, industry experts, and even your customers. It’s an opportunity to have others weigh in on your idea and if there is any more work you need to do before bringing it to the market.

Tap Into Trends

You can utilize Clubhouse as a form of social listening. You can follow influential people in your industry and keep tabs on all the changes that are occurring in your industry. It’s a way to do some market research to learn more about your potential customers. If your product or service falls into a specific niche, you can also immerse yourself in that audience to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and behaviors.

With audio becoming a major component in digital content, Clubhouse is a step into finding your voice. How is your business using this new social media platform? Contact us today if you’re looking to develop a Clubhouse strategy for your brand.